One Tuesday a gift package was delivered to me, and when I opened it I found a sweet boy bear Cookie Jar inside. I was instantly smitten- the size, the character, the utility- so I- sort of obsessively- started collecting them, and collected almost a hundred vintage cookie jars.

With all of the Cookie Jar characters around me, I started making paintings and drawings and animated films of my favorite ones.

Then one day I decided that I wanted to make my own Cookie Jars, so I started sketching ideas, and joined a ceramics studio and absolutely fell in love with making them.

Now with the love of art and design and great characters, I hand build each fun and functional cookie jar in limited editions of 10 for interior designers, art collectors and beautiful shops and boutiques and interior design showrooms all over the country.


 Some of my vintage cookie jar collection- where my cookie jar obsession started :)