Thank you Superfine!

Just a year ago I set up the pretend kitchen for the first time at Superfine! Art Fair and it was like I’d entered the magical world of my dreams. It was the first time for that, and the first time I handed out my fortune cards, and something completely shifted for me. The pretend kitchen, the cookie jars hiding in cabinets and in the refrigerator, and the good fortune cards, were making everyone so happy and that made me so happy, so there were all of these fun exchanges happening. And so every day I’d walk in to Superfine! beaming, and so grateful, grateful for Alex and James for creating a space I could do this in, grateful that I was meeting the people I was meeting, and grateful for this amazingly happy reaction to my work. And yesterday, a year later I got to go back for a super fun Q & A with Alex and talk about all the ways that initial spark of gratitude has helped me grow my cookie jar business in ways I'd dreamed and beyond.